Details appointments Outlook in OneNote

Details appointments Outlook in OneNote


OneNote is suitable to keep all your notes and data together in one place. A lot of people use Outlook to manage appointments and e-mails. You can transfer data linked to an appointment directly to your OneNote notebook. This way you’ll have all the information together. We’ll show you how you can add the appointment to your notes and how the appointment remains dynamic between Outlook and OneNote.


Inserting appointments to your notes:


  • In the Start tab, click on the last button on the ribbon called Meeting Details. You’ll see a small drop down menu that shows the appointments of the day. For this exercise we’ll use a different appointment. In the drop down menu, click the option Choose a meeting from another day.



  • A calendar will appear where you can choose a different day.



  • You can navigate by using the arrows or clicking the calendar in the right corner. Once you have found an appointment, you can choose Insert Details. OneNote will gather the data from your appointment and will place it in the section you’re currently working in.